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The Lives We Impact

Youth in the Caucasus deserves an equal opportunity as we have in  Europe. We aim to empower youth, especially females, to gain high-level education and use the knowledge to fight for their rights. The door of European  Caucasus House is open for everyone who identifies with our values. 
I believe a peaceful and democratic Caucasus region is not possible without the empowerment of women and gender equality.

Lia Jobava 
Founder and CEO




We have set up EuCaSa to put into practice our combined experiences and knowledge of both the EU and the Caucasus. We strive for a more peaceful, democratic and tolerant region, where all citizens regardless of background have the freedom to achieve their goals.


Ben Alexander Kennard
Founder and Vice President








Lia Jobava, Ben Kennard & Elena Boroda​

Registration number: 


EU Transparency Register: 


Type: Nonprofit

Areas of expertise: 
Human rights (protection of minority rights) and EU youth policy.  

Gender equality and peaceful conflict resolution